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We have spent the last several years laying the groundwork for Rizoma Foundation through a series of experiments in sustainable education, living, research and activism. We have developed partnerships, built an infrastructure for in-context scientific understanding, and developed several specific, actionable projects to help test our ideas for regenerative learning, economies and societies.

Part of the plan was to leverage the ability to maximize charitable gifts that could accelerate the process of learning and creating sustainable livelihoods. Accordingly, we are thrilled to announce the launch of The Rizoma Foundation, an organization driven only by achieving goals of regeneration, not profit.

The Rizoma Foundation has close ties to our fiscal sponsorship organization, the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB) at Stanford University, which is itself a hub for a network of organizations focused on sustainability and regeneration. We also partner in transformative learning with award-winning nonprofit Forum Visionaries in Action (ViA).

We have been active in the Game B space, including sharing our vision for social change on the Jim Rutt Show. We are working on collaborating in Doughnut Economics, have an active role in the Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Network (SCORAI), have open collaborations with Degrow US, the Slow Food movement, the Savory Institute, Soil4Climate, and have been recognized by the UN Environment Program. We also have a recurring segment at The Stoa.

How your donation makes an impact

The Rizoma Foundation is charged with utilizing our expertise and networks to advance projects of research, teaching, and activism. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate regenerative ways of living on the planet.

Your donation helps us to fund three specific projects that are in development:

  1. The Loconomy Map is a repository of farms, seed libraries, businesses and more. The map is our initial step in fomenting local economies, which help to build resilient communities in the face of increasing supply chain disruption.

  2. The Eco Field Schools curriculum. We are attempting to build a curriculum that holds up small-scale, local producers as expert teachers that can be used anywhere in the world. Education about sustainable livelihoods is central to a rapid transition.

  3. The Homestead Incubator ( is a virtual course which brings together experts in small farm living, risk, and disaster preparedness to teach a cohort of students who are taking initial steps toward a resilient, land-based existence.

What is MAHB

The Rizoma Foundation is fiscally sponsored by the Millenium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere (MAHB), situated at Stanford University and founded by Paul Ehrlich. As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the the MAHB is an integral partner with The Rizoma Foundation in co-developing a sustainable and regenerative world.

If you have further questions about MAHB and The Rizoma Foundation, feel free to get in touch with our Director Dr. Ashley Colby at or Brittany Ganguly at MAHB at